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Affordable Jewelry

Affordable Jewelry

St. Jude Jewelry can make the dream of a jewelry box spilling over with the finest of shiny gemstones into an affordable reality. Affordable jewelry is one of our specialties, and after four decades serving the needs of customers rich and poor, we take pride in accommodating your budget.

We know how to shop ourselves. Located in Union City, New Jersey, our family’s business is right in the heart of the world’s best gem trade. World-class gems are just a reach away in New York City, and we actively participate in trade shows, with affordable jewelry in mind. The good news is that you can indeed have that crafted box full of jewelry, and it doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom to look fabulous.

Consider the diversity of materials available for modern jewelry, from the myriad of metals to the various stones and lab-created products. Affordable jewelry neither has to look, nor wear cheap. Consider the differences in carats of gold, and you will understand that preparation and presentation can go a long way towards the overall appearance. We can help you to understand the differences in grades, from platinum to titanium. They are all very durable, stylish, and convey a message of great value. Sterling silver is an affordable and high-quality metal, often used to brilliant results. Remember that today, gemstones can be created or simulated. This means that consulting with a reputable jeweler is especially important, as the customer deserves complete honest transparency in all dealings.

Another factor to keep in mind when seeking affordable jewelry is the function it will serve. Choose pieces that fit into your wardrobe and complement your personality. This will allow for more variety in your wearings, and will help accentuate the value relative to a more expensive piece, which might only be worn once or twice a year.

Jewelry is among the most ancient of investments, and St. Jude Jewelry prides itself in bringing 40 years of family tradition to your side of this endeavor. Whether seeking a gift for a young child’s birthday, a graduation gift, or an anniversary celebration, our in-house experts are prepared to research the options available through our global connections to bring you the best value for your dollar. As with any purchase, sourcing is a primary tool when seeking value, and we have a deep network of wholesalers and vendors. From South American jade to lab-created diamonds, we have suppliers with the product you need.