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Baby Bracelets

Baby Bracelets

The birth of a new baby is indeed one of the most celebratory of all occasions, and St. Jude Jewelry’s collection of baby bracelets is a wonderful place to begin.

Our business has deep family roots, and we value the relationships between children and parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Peruse our online collection of baby bracelets and other jewelry to find the perfect gift for your new friend. Our 5 ½” Baby Charm Bracelet in 14-karat yellow gold is a beautiful yet simple piece, which your new child will cherish well into adulthood. Perhaps the 6” Azabache and Coral Baby Bracelet in 14-karat yellow gold is more appealing, or the 6” Baby ID Bracelet in 14-karat yellow gold, with the child’s name etched inside. Our line of baby identification bracelets is as extensive as your options for inscriptions, from styled scripts to sayings.

While serving as a gift for a baby, remember that jewelry is often passed from one generation to the next. The baby bracelet you give your newborn may very well become a gift for your first grandchild. The jewelers at St. Jude Jewelry bring decades of experience to the task of finding the perfect gift to commemorate the birth of your newest family member. The classic 6” Baby ID Bracelet in 14-karat white gold is among our more popular gift items, and it can be engraved in any manner you choose. The 6” Santa Barbara Baby Bracelet in 14-karat yellow gold is a more robust option, which makes for a strong showing on the wrist of a small child.

The Teddy Bear Baby Bangle in sterling silver, with dancing teddy bears lining the ring, makes for a delightful gift, as does the sterling silver Strawberry Baby Bangle, adorned with beautiful red hearts to represent the newborn’s love. As you’ll see, our baby bracelets come in every shape and size, reflective of the diversity of the world’s newborns themselves, each with a distinct personality each of their own. Check out our selections online, or stop by our store, where we can celebrate the birth of life together with the perfect gift for your growing family.