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Coral Jewelry

Coral Jewelry

Coral jewelry is a fabulous gift, and it makes for a beautifully buoyant look. The perfect accompaniment to an island-themed event, the booming pink and red of precious coral will make you stand out among the crowd in a fantastic kind of way. And while many understandably associate coral jewelry with a nearly fluorescent shade of pink, St. Jude Jewelry also offers it in black and gold.

Precious coral, or “Red Coral,” is the common name assigned to Corallium rubrum, and is related to many different species of marine coral. The most notable characteristic of precious corals is their durable red or pink skeleton, the intensity of which makes it perfect for use in jewelry. Both precious and semi-precious corals are typically grown in depths ranging between 500 and 1,000 feet of water. The living creatures grow as slowly as 1 millimeter per year, making them a rarity when found in sufficient quality to be used in coral jewelry. The subject of a sea trade dating back to the 1st millennium, coral jewelry is highly prized to this day. Whether in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or charms, we at St. Jude Jewelry can provide a wide selection of alternatives for your fashion needs.

As experts in this style, our jewelers can help explain the difference between precious and semi-precious coral, which hinges on color, porosity, hardness, and luster. St. Jude Jewelry specializes in coral jewelry, sourcing it from all over the world. Traditionally found in the Mediterranean Sea, it can also be sourced from the underwater caves outside Sardinia, as well as from Japan and Taiwan.

Precious corals often include the famed Red and Pink Corals, both of which are from the same family and include the Angel Skin coral. Gold coral is quite rare, most often sourced from the seas near Hawaii and Alaska. Black corals are found the world over, and have been harvested heavily to the point of being difficult to get, except through reputable jewelers such as St. Jude Jewelry.

Semi-precious corals include blue coral, shades of which range from grey to blue. Found in waters less deep, the blue coral’s exoskeleton is relatively porous, and must be filled and stabilized prior to use. Other types of coral jewelry can be the product of dyes, including the relatively new apple coral, tiger coral, white coral, and faux coral. Feel free to browse through our online collection of coral jewelry, or drop by our store to peruse the samples inside!