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Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

No collection would be complete without gold, and St. Jude Jewelry offers the most luxurious assortment possible. From necklaces to pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets, we help our clients find the perfect accessories for any occasion. Whether a in a professional setting or the most formal of affairs, St. Jude Jewelry’s collection of gold works reflect our dedication to class. The variety we offer can help establish any look, from understated to eye-grabbing. Whether gold alone, or adorned with gemstones, precious or semi-precious, our family’s business is making you shine.

One of the great things about gold jewelry is that it can be crafted into so many styles. Are you looking for a necklace that’s simple yet stylish? One of our elegant chain necklaces can be worn on its own, or in conjunction with other jewelry. Consider one of our 14- or 18-karat options. We also feature chain necklaces with dot-dash links to give the necklace a more subtle appearance.

Nothing accentuates a new shirt or coat like the dazzle of a gold bracelet, which can also be matched with cuff links or a watch. From geometric bracelets and mesh bracelets to rope bracelets and bangle bracelets, our style choices are endless. Sometimes simplicity is best, and with gold, the classic look of a 14-karat bracelet is a great way to make that statement.

Our gold jewelry offerings wouldn’t be complete without a striking assortment of earrings. From drop earrings to hoops, studs, and those matched with gemstones or without, the options are unlimited.

One thing that we’ll help you to consider while working with us is color coordination. Consider the basics first, and start with primary colors: red, blue, and yellow, the foundation of all other colors. When matching apparel with jewelry, make sure one of your primary pieces (shirt, blouse or pants) is a primary. This primary color can then be used to coordinate the secondary colors, which include green, orange and purple. Gold jewelry in particular tends to stand out when used in conjunction with white, black, and purple. Our jewelers can assist you in coordinating the perfect assembly, fit for any occasion. Gold jewelry tends to go well with many different color schemes, including the darker, more prominent blues.

Located in Hudson County, New Jersey, just minutes away from New York City, St. Jude Jewelry is well-acquainted with gold suppliers from around the world. Regardless of the karat or cut you desire, we can source the perfect gold jewelry to serve as a wedding gift, anniversary celebration, or a piece for everyday wear.