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Pearl Earrings

The selection of pearl earrings at St. Jude Jewelry is as diverse as the grains of sand from whence these gems are first born. Please browse through our online collection and consider the sheer volume of options available, which coordinate pearls with precious metals and stone.

Our mother-of-pearl and diamond earrings in 14-karat gold are a truly brilliant gift, deserving of a family’s queen, and they offer the air of class and elegance to any outfit or occasion. Other options include our pearl and diamond earrings in 14-karat white gold, or the Flower Shaped pearl baby earrings in 14-karat yellow gold.

Pearls are born of the sea and are a rare find. But at St. Jude Jewelry, our supply of pearl earrings is bountiful. Located just minutes from New York City, our family’s business has grown up around the world’s most expansive network of suppliers, meaning that we can help source your desires from around the globe. Consider the black pearl and diamond earrings in 14-karat white gold, which offer a striking contrast between the deep darkness and brilliant sheen. Other amazing options and combinations include the pearl amethyst rubies and diamond earrings and ring set in 14-karat rose gold, or the Maya mother-of-pearl 3” drop earrings with yellow rhodium in sterling silver. Our skilled jewelers can customize any number of options to suit your tastes, and the creative flair we bring to the project is a joy to behold.

Obviously, pearls are most commonly associated with white colors, but looking through our selection, one quickly sees the spectrum of options available, not only in the pearls themselves but in the combinations with other precious metals and stones, both precious and semi-precious. Sterling silver and gold both make terrific partners for the pearl, as do a variety of coral, which like the pearl, is also born of the sea.

St. Jude Jewelry’s pearl earrings are available in a wide assortment of pricing options, meaning families of any means can afford to look their best, and provide meaningful, lasting gifts which can be passed down from one generation to the next. Pearl earrings can last many lifetimes, and are often the prized possession of grandchildren who continue cherished memories of loved ones passed.

Pearl earrings are available for both men and women, as well as people of all ages. Peruse our offerings online, or feel free to stop by our store in Union City, New Jersey. We welcome visitors every day and continue to make lasting friendships.