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Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

St. Jude Jewelry offers world-class semi-precious stone jewelry for any lifestyle or occasion. From Amethyst to Zircon, our family’s 40 years in the jewelry business has made us experts in gemstones of every shape and size. Terms can sometimes get blurry for even the savviest of consumers, much like the stones we keep polished and on display. But all of our natural gems are beautiful, and many are used in the finest pieces we can customize to best suit your style.

Topaz, for instance, is a popular choice for earrings, and it is often surrounded by colorless diamonds to help accentuate the sparkle. That shade of blue works well with light colored precious metals, such as silver or white gold, and we feature a number of gorgeous topaz sets which include earrings and necklaces. The gold opal is another customer favorite, as it often manifests different colors within its depths. Opals are a favorite for rings, and our crafters can combine this stone with small diamond chips and yellow gold for a spectacular appeal.

Birthstones are a particular favorite for many gift-givers. For those unaware, January births are represented by garnet, while amethyst belongs to February. March is paired with aquamarine, and April is the diamond. Emeralds emblazon the month of May, while June is the pearl of the calendar. Rubies shine in July, while peridot glows throughout August. Sapphires come in September, and opal for October. Topaz follows in November, and tanzanite in December.

Semi-precious stones in jewelry also tend to hold their value well, something we at St. Jude Jewelry pride ourselves on being able to explain. Jewelry is often handed down from one generation to the next, so consider the joy your grandchildren will feel when wearing your bracelets and earrings at their own wedding.

For centuries, gemstones have also been ascribed healing powers by cultures throughout the world. Amber, for instance, is thought to aid memory loss and relieve stress. Amethyst aids in the reduction of insomnia, arthritis and circulatory issues, while also serving as the gemstone associated with meditation and inner peace. Likewise, the pearl is considered a calming entity which aids in purity, integrity, and truth. Onyx is associated with root chakra, and conveys control over one’s emotions. Garnet is believed to aid blood pressure, the heart, and the lungs, while lapis is thought to aid with depression and insomnia. For those with a spouse prone to hearing loss, consider that citrine is the semi-precious stone believed to help in that regard.