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Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Nothing draws the eye like jet black apparel coordinated with silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is a staple of St. Jude Jewelry, and we pride ourselves in our knowledge which has been accumulated over 40 years in the business.

Silver standards refer to the millesimal fineness of the silver alloys used in jewelry. Fine silver has a fineness of 999, and is often referred to as pure silver, or “three nines five.” Often used in bullion bars for commodities trading, it is incredibly soft and the highest of qualities.

Britannia silver has a fineness of at least 958, followed by Mexican silver, with a fineness of 950. Whereas Britannia silver is an alloy of 95.84 percent pure silver and the rest copper, Mexican silver is 95 percent pure silver. The Russian silver standard represents a fineness of 947, and is followed by sterling silver, with a fineness of 925, meaning it is 92.5% pure. Coin silver has a fineness of 900, and it is typically 90% pure. Scandinavian silver has a fineness of 830, meaning it’s 83% pure, while German silver is 800, or 80% pure.

Regardless of your budget or desired usage, St. Jude Jewelry has the silver jewelry you seek. We also bring an experienced voice to your concerns regarding maintaining your items. Sterling silver in particular requires frequent cleaning to maintain its shine. If shined properly, sterling silver is quite similar in appearance to white gold. Using a cleaner with a sulfur base is among the best ways to achieve this, and despite the pungent odor associated with it, the process is quite well worth the effort. Specially-treated cleaning cloths are also available on the market for this process, and we can help explain this process. Some sterling silver pieces are antiquated, and perhaps you’ve inherited such a piece which has darkened with age. Some of these areas might have already begun to flake and could be in need of replacement. This is not a particularly expensive service, and we can assist you in the refinishing of existing pieces, in addition to helping you select new products.

Whether it’s a pair of silver earrings, a watch, a bracelet, a pendant, or a necklace, St. Jude Jewelry offers a stunning selection of products with which you can accentuate your wardrobe. The accessories you utilize in your clothing selection make as much of a statement as the clothing items themselves. Let us help you communicate your desired message to the world with the appropriate silver jewelry.