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Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless Steel Jewelry

For customers seeking the shiny appearance of silver or white gold at a much lower price, stainless steel jewelry might be the way to go. At St. Jude Jewelry, we carry a full line of stainless steel jewelry that, in addition to being more cost-conscious, does not tarnish or require polishing, as with silver. Also, consider that white gold and sterling silver pieces often contain a nickel additive which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Stainless steel jewelry can be created without this nickel additive, and might be more suitable to your skin type. These pieces boast a more metallic appearance, and they are particularly popular among men in the form of bracelets, rings, and chains.

If you’re looking for a strong metallic finish and a robust piece of jewelry capable of withstanding moisture without tarnish or corrosion, stainless steel jewelry is a very affordable and shrewd choice. The industrial look can be very masculine if that’s what you are seeking, and this is perhaps why so many men enjoy this style of jewelry. Strong enough for daily use in household objects and industrial parts, stainless steel jewelry is an excellent choice for wear in any workplace. Resistant to scratches, this material allows jewelers to create attractive brushed or etched finishes, which will retain their beauty for decades to come.

Due to its allergy-friendly status, stainless steel jewelry is ideal for piercings. Surgical stainless steel has a low nickel percentage and can tolerate low-oxygen environments, such as those found in piercings. However, not all stainless steel qualities are suited for this, and our experienced jewelers can help you determine which type and style is best for you. For those with less sensitive skin types, surgical stainless steel is an excellent choice. Its hardness means that its surface will not scratch and create a home for pathogens or bacteria, and the alloy will not tarnish or stain the surrounding skin.

If yours is a skin type the sensitivity of which lends itself to stainless steel, don’t feel that you are limited to the shiny metallic color. Stainless steel jewelry can be anodized to produce a veritable rainbow of colors, from rich and glossy blacks to the palest of golds and pinks. Popular designs include military-style dog tags and ID bracelets, as well as hearts and pendants.

Feel free to browse through our online selections, or visit our store, where the experience of 40 years in a family business can help you make stainless steel jewelry a part of your daily wardrobe.