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Topaz Jewelry

Topaz Jewelry

As the birthstone of November, Topaz jewelry makes a fabulous holiday gift. The sparkle of its hue calls to mind the open sky, and conveys the belief that all things are possible through love.

A silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine, pure Topaz is colorless and transparent, but much like life, it’s the frequent impurities that provides a beautiful tint. Typically, topaz is colored wine, yellow, pale gray, reddish-orange, or a blueish brown. It can be made white, pale green, blue, gold, reddish-yellow, or in some rare cases, pink. It can also be left transparent.

A versatile gem, topaz is very versatile, and it can accentuate styles from the most casual to very formal occasions. Blue topaz, once the rarest of its kind, is the most common in today’s jewelry market, thanks in large part to a stable enhancement process known as diffusion, which gives the colorless stone a deep and royal hue. Structurally speaking, topaz is a very hard stone and wears well for a lifetime. Cleaning topaz jewelry requires only a mild dish soap. Scrubbing with a toothbrush can help alleviate dust build-up, which accumulates over time.

After 40 years in the jewelry business, our family has come to adore topaz jewelry, and it is among the favorites featured at St. Jude Jewelry. Blue topaz truly helps bring out the radiance of wearers with blue eyes, while green and browner hues provide great earth tones for the autumn months. Whether set into pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, your essence will truly shine when adorned in topaz jewelry.

Often referred to as the “Writers’ Stone,” topaz is associated with truth, forgiveness, friendship, and hope. For those interested in history, it might be interesting to note that topaz was among the 12 breastplate stones mentioned in the Hebrew Book of Exodus as belonging to the High Priest. The breastplate stones were considered sacred to 12 powerful angels believed to guard the gates of Paradise.

Topaz jewelry is also found in many of St. Jude Jewelry’s more affordable offerings. Our specialists at St. Jude Jewelry bring decades of experience in tailoring topaz to the styles best suiting our customers, who exist within the full spectrum of ages and tastes, just as one would expect in a community just outside New York City. Browse through our online selections, or stop into our store located in Hudson County, New Jersey, where we can speak about all of the options available for your needs.