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Watch Repair

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Watch Repair

A fine watch can last for generations when it is maintained correctly, which is one of our goals at St. Jude Jewelry.

Watch repair is one of our specialties and, as a family business, we enjoy helping others keep heirlooms in good working order. Routine maintenance, including lubrication and thorough cleaning, will help prevent decay or disrepair. Watch manufactures suggest that the items be cleaned, oiled, and serviced every three to five years, to ensure that the components are properly functioning and that the mechanisms are free of dust, dirt, and moisture. If this hasn’t been among your priorities, we know how to help.

Watch repair comes into play when function becomes an issue. When a mechanical watch begins to function irregularly, gaining or losing time, it is a sign that the timepiece needs maintenance and the attention of a professional horologist. Over time, the lubrication protecting the gears and wheels of a watch will begin to dry. In addition, water resistant watches have seals and gaskets which will begin to dry and wear, allowing moisture to enter, causing the movement to rust, as well as discoloration of the dial and hands.

Many people incorrectly assume that when a Quartz watch stops, it’s because of the battery. However, these watches do in fact have wheels, gears, and other electronic components that might be in need of replacement. Other activities involved in the process of watch repair include crystal replacement, crown replacement, pins, dial changes, and case/bracelet adjustments.

When a watch is worn from age or damaged from mishandling, our staff at St. Jude Jewelry is able to restore it to its original state and preserve its beauty and heirloom quality. A Complete Mechanical Restoration (CMR) requires a little more time and attention, but it is certainly within our scope of services.

Consider that between 1910 and 1970, more than 150 million wrist watches for men and women were produced from nearly 1,000 different movement models. If your Swiss or American watch falls between these years, there could be hundreds of reasons why it’s not working property. One or more of the nearly 200 parts may be involved in the malfunction. Our specialists at St. Jude Jewelry are well-accustomed to the art and science of repair and restoration, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to bring you back up to speed. Feel free to browse our online collection of watches and other timepieces. While visiting us for the repair of one item, you might find the perfect graduation gift for a young person looking to enter the world. Or, perhaps the watch we help you restore will serve in that stead.